I am an Assistant Professor of Economics at LMU Munich.

My research studies the causes and consequences of socioeconomic inequalities using structural models, reduced-form techniques and micro data from a variety of sources.

I received my Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Mannheim.

You can download my CV here.

Recent Publications

Inequality and Income Dynamics in Germany
with Andreas Peichl, Johannes Schmieder, Kai D. Schmid, Hannes Walz and Stefanie Wolter
Quantitative Economics, 2022, 13(4), p. 1593-1635

Working Papers

Employment and Reallocation Effects of Higher Minimum Wages [updated (new title)]

Are Male Bosses Bad for Women? Evidence from Personnel Data [new version coming soon]
with Felix Holub

Falling Behind: Has Rising Inequality Fueled the American Debt Boom? [update coming soon]
with Fabian Greimel

Work in Progress

Housing Booms and Socioeconomic Segregation?
with Katrin Hohmeyer and Max Löffler

Research Fields

Labor Economics
Public Economics